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unique hand-drawn illustrations
unique hand-drawn illustrations
unique hand-drawn illustrations

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Medinaz visual contents are better than flashcards and helpful learning tool for thousands of the most difficult to remember and most frequently tested topics, board exam prep and more.

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We draw and connect the complexity of science and medicine into art. We have attempted to simplify difficult topics, and make it visually attractive and error free. Our hard work pays off if you find our books and ideas helpful for your medical career.


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We, at Medinaz, are a qualified team of doctors who are dedicated to making life easier for students. Our goal is to present the study matter through a meticulously conceptualized piece of art. These images are designed to help you retain this information in the long term. This will also help you review and revise your work very easily.

Our content is specifically designed for medical, dental, nursing and pharmacy students. However, this content can also be used by anyone studying basic medical sciences, be it anatomy, physiology or anything else! Our content is exam oriented, and will help you prepare for theoretical as well as competitive examinations.

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You can reach out to us at medinazacademy@gmail.com for any assistance.

As we provide digital copies, no refund request will be entertained under any circumstances. Please read the product description before buying.

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