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Toothache is said to be the most awful of all the pains as experienced by most of the people. The constant tooth pain can hamper your daily functions like eating and speaking to a great extent. A person only pays attention towards the oral health only after he/she experiences pain. Here these 10 toothache home remedy will help in relieving tooth pain.

Though there is no permanent toothache home remedy, but below are a few which may help you to get a temporary relief so that you have an ample time to rush to a dentist.

1. Salt-water rinse

Salt water rinse is the most widely use toothache home remedy to reduce tooth pain. It is easily accessible and effective technique. Salt water is a natural disinfectant, and it helps in loosening food particles and debris that are stuck in between your teeth.

It can also help to reduce inflammation and heal any oral wounds.

Take a glass of warm water, mix 1/2 teaspoon (tsp) of salt and use it as a mouthwash.

2. Cold compress

Cold compress helps to relieve any pain that you’re experiencing, especially if the pain is due to trauma. When you apply a cold compress, it reduces blood flow to this particular area, which can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling that causes pain. It can temporarily reduce nerve activity, which can also relieve pain.

To use this technique, place ice bag at the affected area for 15-20 minutes at a time. You can repeat this every few hours.

Warm compress can also reduce pain; however, it is not recommended in dental pain. If the pain is due to an infection, then heat can spread it to the nearby areas causing more swelling.

3. Hydrogen peroxide rinse

Hydrogen peroxide can help kill pain-causing bacteria in the mouth. This eventually reduces inflammation and relives pain. It can also reduce the plaque around your teeth and heal bleeding gums.

Make sure you properly dilute the hydrogen peroxide. To do this, use 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and now mix this solution with equal parts of water. i.e take both in equal quantity to use it as a mouthwash.

Swish the mixture in your mouth for 30 seconds. You can repeat once or twice but make sure you do not swallow it.

 4. Clove oil

Clove has been used since ancient times to treat toothache. The clove oil contains eugenol which is a natural antiseptic. It can effectively numb pain and reduce inflammation.

Buy high quality 100% pure clove oil to use for tooth pain. Try to buy an organic product if you can.

To use this approach, take a small amount of clove oil onto a cotton ball and apply it to the affected area. You can also dilute the clove oil with a few drops of a carrier oil, like olive oil, or water. Wait for 20 minutes and then rinse your mouth with salt water. Don’t swallow it.

You can repeat the process every 3-4 hours.

You can also add a drop of clove oil to a small glass of water and make a mouthwash.

However, you should remember that overuse of clove oil can cause irritation and burn the mucosal tissue.

Top 10 Toothache Home Remedy For Fast Tooth Pain Relief

5. Peppermint tea bags

Peppermint contains an active ingredient called menthol, which has numbing properties. Peppermint tea bags are used to soothe sensitive gums and relieve pain.

You can apply a used tea bag to the affected area, but make sure that it is not too hot. It should be slightly warm.

Also, you can chill the peppermint tea bags for a couple of minutes in freezer and then apply the bag to your tooth

6. Garlic

Garlic has antibiotic and other medicinal properties that can be very effective in reducing the pain. Use of garlic can also provide immense relief for toothache.

To use this technique, crush a garlic clove to create a paste and apply it to the affected area. You may wish to add a tiny bit of salt. Alternatively, you can slowly chew a fresh garlic clove.

You can hold the paste in your mouth next to the tooth for at least 30 minutes. Repeat two or three times per day.

7. Asafoetida

If you suddenly start having a severe toothache, then asafoetida will provide instant relief. Dental problems such as toothaches and bleeding gums can be treated at home with the use of asafoetida.

Simply add a pinch or half teaspoon of powdered asafoetida to 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and then warm it slightly. Don’t boil it, just heat it till it is dissolved. Use a cotton pad to apply the solution to the affected area. This will give you quick relief from the pain. Make sure to keep it in the tooth at least for some time, for the treatment to be effective.

For instant relief, put asafoetida fried in clarified butter in the tooth cavity.

8. Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract contains alcohol, which can help to temporarily numb the areas around the teeth and gums to ease the pain. It can also kill the germs in the mouth and help fight microbes that can lead to tooth decay. 

Dab a small amount of vanilla extract on your finger tip or cotton pellet and rub it on the affected tooth and surrounding gums. Repeat two or three times per day.

9. Guava leaves

Guava leaves have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can help heal wounds. It provide quick, short-term relief for toothaches.

To use this, chew on fresh and tender guava leaves. You can also add crushed guava leaves to boiling water with a salt to make a mouthwash.

10. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass reduces inflammation in your mouth. Its high chlorophyll content can also fight bacteria. It helps fight tooth decay by absorbing toxins from your gums.

The most effective way is to make juice and use it as mouthwash. The second alternative is to chew on wheatgrass.


All that these household remedies are meant for temporary relief and are not the long term solutions. Also, if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any medical condition then make sure you consult your dentist.

Many toothaches will require medical attention. An over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen could also help until you see a dentist.

So make sure you visit your dentist to get permanent relief from toothache.

Going to the dentist is the best remedy for a toothache, because you want to treat the toothache’s cause, not just the pain you are feeling.

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