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Parkinson Disease Mnemonic – Easy way to remember Parkinson disease signs & symptoms

This Parkinson’s disease mnemonic will help you to remember the Signs & Symptoms of Parkinsonism.

Here the Mnemonic is “Be SMART

Be = Bending / forward tilt 

S = Shuffling gait

M = Mask like face

A = Akinesia 

R = Rigidity

T = Tremor

parkinson disease mnemonic
parkinson disease mnemonic

Another mnemonic you can try: “PARKS

P = Postural instability

A = Anxiety

R = Rigidity

K = Kinetic problems

S = Shaking

Parkinson's disease
Parkinson’s disease

Also check this mnemonic about Parkinsonism

Mnemonic = “PARK DARK

P = Pill rolling

A = About to fall

R = Rigidity

K = Can’t swallow / Can’t speak (drools)

D = Dopamine / L-dopa

A = Artane – Improves rigidity

R = Restrict coffee

K = Keep tremors down with antihistamine

Here is another mnemonic on Parkinsonian Drugs

The mnemonic is “ Carrot SALAD

C = COMT inhibitors

S = Selegiline

A = Anticholinergics

L = L-Dopa + Dopa Decarboxylase Inhibitor

A = Amantadine

D =  Dopamine agonists

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