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Warthin’s Tumor USMLE Notes & Mnemonics contains all the high-yield points you need to know.

  • Warthin’s Tumor (Papillary Cystadenoma Lymphomatosum): A benign, cystic tumor of the salivary glands, most commonly affecting the parotid gland.


  • Represents 5-10% of all salivary gland tumors. (Ref)
  • More common in men, typically in the 6th to 7th decades of life.
  • Strong association with smoking.


  • Composed of two key elements: epithelial and lymphoid stroma.
  • Believed to arise from salivary gland ducts.

Clinical Features:

  • Painless, Slow-Growing Mass: Usually located in the lower pole of the parotid gland.
  • Bilateral in 5-15% of cases.
  • Rarely transforms into malignancy.


  • Fine-Needle Aspiration (FNA) Biopsy: Diagnostic.
  • Ultrasound or CT/MRI: To evaluate the extent and to differentiate from other salivary gland neoplasms.


  • Surgical Excision: Standard treatment for symptomatic tumors or for definitive diagnosis.
  • Observation: For asymptomatic, small tumors.
Warthin's Tumor Visual Mnemonic
Warthin’s Tumor Visual Mnemonic

Mnemonic: “Warthin’s Tumor – WARTS

  • Warthy appearance (cystic, papillary)
  • Adult males predominantly
  • Repeated (bilateral in some cases)
  • Tobacco association (strong correlation with smoking)
  • Salivary gland (mainly parotid)

Chart: Warthin’s Tumor Features

Common SiteParotid gland, typically lower pole
DemographicsPredominantly older males, smokers
PresentationPainless, slow-growing mass
PathologyCystic, with epithelial and lymphoid components
DiagnosisFNA biopsy, imaging (ultrasound, CT/MRI)
TreatmentSurgical excision, observation in select cases

Note: On the USMLE, Warthin’s tumor may be presented as a classic case of a painless, slow-growing parotid mass in an older male patient with a history of smoking. Recognizing its benign nature and association with smoking is key. The choice between surgical excision and observation depends on the symptoms, size, and patient preference.

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